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Tips For Choosing A Good Dog Walker

Let's be honest here, the best way to choose a dog walker is to get a recommendation from someone else who already uses the person for dog walking. 


We have a number of personal references who are happy to vouch for me to verify that they are happy with my dog walking service.





You need to decide if you would rather have your dog walked by itself or whether you would prefer it to have the company of other dogs in a group walk situation.  The temperament of your dog will possibly be the deciding factor.  If your dog generally prefers its' own company then it might be better to choose a lone walk. We tend to walk our dogs alone or in a family group. This gives you the peace of mind that they won't get into any scuffles, and provides them with the security of near normal daily routine.


If you are not sure, go for a walk in the woods or around one of the lakes in your local area. It won't be long before you spot a dog walker and often a number of dogs are off the lead. This might be perfectly safe for your own dog, but when looking after your dog, we prefer to keep him or her  perfectly safe all of the time.

For that reason we always use heavy duty 15 metres flexi leads which gives them lots of opportunity to run and do their business, but also keeps them safe from harm.




Does your dog like a long walk or is a short stroll sufficient to give your pet the exercise it needs?  Don't pay for an hour's walk if it's not needed. It might be better to split visits to more than one walk, or a walk and then a let out if you are not getting back until late.


The most important thing in choosing a dog walker / carer, is reliablility and trust.

We take both very seriously, and hope you choose us when the time comes.

Making the right choice is a family decision!

We are taking bookings NOW! 

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